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Join us in working toward a safer and more stable world for captive parrots.

We are a nonprofit organization located in Washington State, founded for the purpose of building stronger communities of parrot caretakers to help ensure that parrots will have safe places to go in the case of the illness, death, or other types of incapacity of caretakers. We don't want any parrot to die alone abandoned by its person, or suffer under the care of by people who don't have adequate knowledge, understanding, or commitment to its welfare. Our core program facilitates Succession Plans for the current and future caretakers of individual parrots.

Our online networks are not intended as general communication platforms since there are already excellent and well-established online discussion forums, although people are welcome to use them for discussions about anything parrot related.


There are five separate species-based community platforms in our program, for Cockatoos, African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, and Eclectus Parrots. The online cockatoo community (4the2s) and the eclectus community (Velvet Feathers) are live and accepting membership now. The other three are in development.

Connections LinkWe have created a broader focused network called Connections open to everyone and global in scope. It has regional groups that members can join to make it easier to connect with other people locally in situations where that is appropriate.


Connect with other caretakers and their parrots. Find people to help with short term caretaking needs or foster care. Share your experiences with rehoming and establishing caretaker succession relationships. The platform is set up to accommodate profiles for each individual person and for each cockatoo, and we strongly encourage adding a caretaker history to each bird's bio. We also have profiles for organizations: sanctuaries, rescues, avian veterinary service providers, etc. Your information is never viewable to the public or anyone outside the network.


We are assembling a rich library of resources, including sample Succession Agreements, Foster Care Agreements, and temporary Boarding Agreements. We will use the experience of the community to build a guide for vetting prospective caretakers, and suggestions for maintaining long term relationships. We do not offer legal advice, but we encourage people sharing their understanding and experience with legal considerations regarding birds.


Establish a Succession Plan for your parrot to help insure the long-term well being of your bird or become a successor to a parrot. The succession relationship is long-term, to be cultivated over time so that parrots do not find themselves in emergency rehoming situations, in the care of rescues,* or in other situations with strangers. *We have enormous respect for rescues, but we believe that enabling birds to go straight into new pre-approved homes is ideal.